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OrgEL Oy Organ Electronics

OrgEL Oy Organ Electronics is a company specialising in design, manufacturing, installation, servicing and repairs of electronics that is used in pipe organs.


Registration preset memory

(Combinations capture system)

Registration preset memory

The registration preset memory (RPM) is a microprocessor-based combinations capture system for controlling, storing and retrieving stop settings that is suitable for use with several types of organs. The equipment can easily be fitted to organs with an electrical or electro-pneumatic stop system, but is also fittable to a pneumatic stop system. 


The RPM can also be installed parallel to the existing mechanical system so that the stops can be controlled either electronically or mechanically.
The RPM can be operated from all kinds of stop switches, such as illuminated push-buttons, rocker switches and traditional drawbar-type knobs. The basic user interface often consists of an easy-to-use set of illuminated push-buttons and a compact-sized numerical display is available.

Advanced options

For more advanced options, as well as a minimum number of visible switches on the console, a compact-sized numerical display is available. The number of registration presets can be selected by the customer in the range from a few hundred to several thousands.

Separate control unit

Control switches of combinations capture system, can also be installed in a separate control unit.

Main features

* Previous/Next registration preset.

* Versatile editor for customisation of registrations.
* Personalised, password-protected presets.
* Defeat all registrations using a single switch.
* Stop off any desired ranks, e.g. all reed pipes.
* Fixed combinations, e.g. Tutti, mf, mp, ff.
* 32-position general crescendo programmable from the console.
* Interfaces for optional memory card backup device and computer.


OrgEL Oy Organ Electronics
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